• The compassionate one who never wanted Nirvana but helped others to reach Nirvana, is standing on a double lotus pedestal. His right hand is in vara mudra and his left hand is holding a lotus. 19th century. Mongolia. Solid silver. Height: 18cm.

  • Lord Vishnu is standing on a single lotus pedestal while Sheshanaga (seven headed snake) is behind his head. His right hand is in vara mudra and his left hand is holding a lotus. He is wearing a long upavita (sacred thread), vanamala (very long necklace) and a transparent lower garment untill his ankles. 8th/9th century (Pala period). Bihar, India....

  • While an eleven-headed Avalokiteshvara is standing on a double lotus pedestal, his main hand are in an adoration gesture. His other hands are holding a bow, arrow, chakra, lotus and many other symbols. 19th century. Nepal. Gilded bronze. Height: 19cm.

  • Shiva's head has a beautiful high chignon (jatamukuta) with a cresent moon in front and human skulls all around. He has an ovel face with high arched eyebrows, half open eye lids and pouty lips. This work is typical post Gupta style. 10th century (Medieval period). Madhya Predesh (central India). Stone. Height: 35cm.

  • An in wood-carved small manuscript cover contains three niches. They all contain a depiction of Ushnisha Vijay. The three headed centre figure holds Buddha in her first right hand, an arrow in her second right hand and her last right hand is in varada mudra. 19th century. Tibet. Wood. Lenght: 15cm.