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High-end jewelry & Asian antiques

Discover a unique experience along the famous Old Canals in Utrecht. Right underneath the historical Dom Tower, you will find one of the most appreciated galleries and art dealers in The Netherlands.

Galerie Petillon combines passion, knowledge and a wide spectrum of ancient times, to provide a rare collection of high-end jewelry and Asian antiques. Most of the jewelry is designed and crafted in house, bringing Asian and European styles together. Classic and modern jewelry are made of yellow or white gold or silver, set with precious gemstones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald) and semi-precious gemstones. Antique pieces originate from a wide range in Asia, but most sculptures, paintings, miniatures, and jewelry are from India, Nepal, and Tibet.

The heart of Galerie Petillon is Javitri Shah. A high-end jewelry expert and Asian antique art dealer with 35 years of experience. She establishes and cultivates client relationships beyond what is trendy and what sells. It is all about what will look good on you, what you love, and what you and your loved ones will cherish.

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