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Galerie Petillon has been established since 1978 but has acted independently since 1983. The main theme has been always South Asia and Himalayan arts, dealing with ancient sculptures, paintings and jewelleries.

We can offer you a wide range of sculptures in bronze and stone from India, Nepal and Tibet, thankas from Nepal and Tibet and Indian miniatures. Jewelleries also from India, Nepal and Tibet in gold and silver. Now besides these articles we also offer you valuations and our own hand made jewellery.

Throughout the ages, ornaments have been used in India not only as a means of decoration but for religious and superstitious reason too. The patterns, techniques and forms of Indian jewellery have been in an unbroken tradition till today from the most ancient times. As a whole, Indian jewellery or any other handicraft can not be separated from the art world. Indian artists have always tried to translate through their art either philosophy, beauty or ornaments. The use of ornaments is by force of custom, almost a necessity even to the poorest. Marriages are great occasions for display.

The bride is profusely bejewelled as, in some cases, is the bridegroom. Ornaments must be given to a girl at the time of her wedding. Nowhere in the world has jewellery formed such an important part of adornment as in India. Continuously and through thousands of years, jewellery became a means of putting savings aside and has been a method of providing property to daughters in the form of Stree Dhana (woman's property). The love of jewellery in India is an expression of the aesthetic impulse of the people and their joy in the creation of beauty.